13 wonderful waterfalls to visit in Slovakia

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Only a few things in nature are as eye-catching as the scene of water pouring off the side of a high ledge and roaring into a pool beneath. Though the first tendency may be to stop and stand in awe, you might not want to spend too much time at any one waterfall. Not when there are 200 others you might want to visit. Even though Slovakia is a small country, it really has a surprising number of about 200 waterfalls. Many of Slovakia’s most beautiful waterfalls are easily accessible. We looked at 13 waterfalls definitely worth visiting. Let’s get started!

1. Závojový vodopád waterfall

Závojový vodopád is the highest waterfall in the national park of Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj). 70-metre high waterfall can be found in Sokolia roklina gorge and this part of the gorge is one the most difficult to climb in the whole national park. The hiking trail leads next to the waterfall and consists of a number of ladders and chains.

2. Vodopád Skok waterfall

This is one of the most visited waterfalls in Slovakia. It is located in the mountains of High Tatras in the Mlynická dolina valley. The ascent of the 30-meter high waterfall is secured by a number of chains. You reach the waterfall in 90 minutes of walking from the resort of Štrbské Pleso.

3. Kľacký vodopád waterfall

Kľacký vodopád belongs to 5 waterfalls, which were declared as national natural monuments in 1996. It is located in the National Park of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra). This 30-meter high waterfall is worth to see even in dry periods, however, it becomes robust only after heavy rains. The easiest way to reach the waterfall is by starting your hike in the village of Vrícko, but it is also possible to get there from the village of Fačkov.

4. Misove vodopády waterfalls

These waterfalls are easy to find in the National Park of Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj). Just follow the green trail from the village of Podlesok. However, always ask about the number of tourist who have already entered the gorge of Suchá Belá, because it is the most popular gorge in the national park and very often overcrowded by many tourists, especially on weekends in July and August.

5. Brankovský vodopád waterfall

The 55-meter high waterfall is the highest one in the National Park of Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry). It is located on the western edge of the Low Tatras at the mouth of the Revúcka dolina valley. This waterfall was also declared a national natural monument in 1980. The hike to the waterfall of Brankovský vodopád could be characterized as an easy walk, suitable for families with children. The walk to the waterfall itself takes only 25-30 minutes.

6. Lúčansky vodopád waterfall

This extremely photogenic waterfall is particularly unique for many reasons. Not only it is one of the five waterfalls declared as national natural monuments but you don’t need to take a long hike to see it, as in the case of many Slovak waterfalls. It is located in the center of the spa village of Lúčky. You can even park your car just a few meters from the waterfall. This twelve meters high waterfall has a cascade character and falls from the edges of the travertine terraces.

7. Vodopád bystré waterfall

This 20 meters high waterfall can be found in the small mountain range of Poľana. The easiest access to the waterfall leads from the village of Hriňová or from the mountain chalet of Poľana. The walk from the chalet is easy as pie, so don’t hesitate to take a walk and visit this wonderful place with your kids and family.

8. Dúhový vodopád waterfall

Dúhový vodopád is one of seven waterfalls in the Kláštorská dolina valley in the National Park of Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj). The water falls from the height of 8 meters right next to the hiking trail secured by ladders. Kláštorská dolina valley is accessible from several starting points – Čingov, Hrabušice, Letanovce and Podlesok.

9. Kmeťov vodopád waterfall

This waterfall is huge! It is the highest waterfall in Slovakia. Several cascades build a waterfall with a total height of 80 meters. Despite its uniqueness, this waterfall is a less known place among tourists. In fact, it lies outside the main tourist routes in the High Tatras. Kôprová dolina valley, where the waterfall is located, builds a natural border between the High Tatras and the Western Tatras. If you love cycling, you can easily reach the waterfall from the village of Podbanské, just hop in and follow the cycling route to Kôprovská dolina valley.

10. Starohutský vodopád waterfall

Another easy-to-access waterfall is Starohutský vodopád. This small waterfall lies on the outskirts of the village of Stará Huta. It is recommended to visit the waterfall during the spring, when it becomes robust thanks to numerous rains. The five meters high waterfall is a national cultural monument and it is one of the most beautiful places in the mountain range of Pohronský inovec.

11. Machový vodopád waterfall

The National Park of Slovak Paradise is simply full of wonderful waterfalls. Machový vodopád waterfall is one of the three waterfalls standing close to each other in the gorge of Malý Kyseľ. Water falls from the height of 8 meters.  It is extremely picturesque and photogenic, thanks to the moss surrounding the waterfall.

12. Šútovský vodopád waterfall

One of the many attractions of the National Park of Malá Fatra (Little Fatra) is its largest waterfall – Šútovský vodopád. Water falls from a height of 38 meters at an altitude of 822 meters above sea. The hiking trail to the waterfall starts in the village of Šútovo.

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13. Veľký vodopád waterfall

The highest waterfall of the gorge of Piecky in the National Park of the Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj) is Veľký vodopád waterfall. Close to the waterfall is 20 meters high ladder, one of the highest in Slovak Paradise. If you suffer from a fear of heights, I would rather recommend choosing an alternative hike in the Slovak Paradise.

If time or physical ability will not allow for a self-guided waterfall adventure, consider Time For Slovakia for a guided tour.  You may even get to see waterfalls often overlooked by many tourists. Book our tour of National Parks or tell us what you’d like to see and we will arrange a private tour for you.

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