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by D. Martincová

Slovakia is not one of the countries everybody’s been to. You will discover hundreds of unexpected curiosities and secrets in almost every village or a small town, in the mountains and valleys. It is Slovakia where you can feel like a real explorer who is always being surprised by unusual contrasts of medieval history, fascinating nature, living traditions and socialist architecture. Visit Slovakia and see it for yourself!

1. Undiscovered wilderness

Slovakia is the land of unlimited natural treasures. Explore high mountains with hidden caves, lakes and romantic canyons surrounded by the scenery of jungles and waterfalls. All of these places have remained undiscovered and not yet overcrowded with tourists. Visit national parks for more information about Slovak nature.

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2. Living traditions

Tired of city life? Slow down, sit and listen – it’s the best way to enjoy Slovakia’s rich cultural heritage. Visit historical mining towns and sheep farms. Taste regional meals and wines. Live in wooden houses, drift down the rivers in old rafts and encounter locals who are proud of their traditions. Join Time for Slovakia’s guided tour of folk traditions and try all of them in one week.

3. Communist history

Experience fascinating contrasts of Slovak history in 20th century, when the country was a part of Czechoslovakia under the strong influence of Soviet Union. The socialist architecture with old-fashioned hotels, residential areas, monumental building and squares lurks around every corner. Would you like to travel in time and imagine the life of the people during the communist era? Check out this fantastic communism tour.


4. Slovak castles and churches

Slovakia with its 180 castles, 425 chateaux and more than 5 000 churches – that’s a living example of country’s fascinating history in the heart of Europe. Each castle has a long history of battles, disasters, myths and heroes. Many of Slovakia’s wooden churches have been inscribed in UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage. Read more about other highlights of Slovakia.

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